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Nicola Workman

It's all about me!

Well actually it isn’t, it’s all about you and how I can help you. My name is Nicola Workman. I have worked as a PA to senior executives in blue-chip companies prior to moving into internal communications and employee engagement for over 12 years. Previous to that, I studied and had a career in Law.

Communication is key…

During my time in communications, I worked with various levels of company personnel, whether that was CEOs of large companies in the development and delivery of employee communication programmes, or printed newsletters for the ‘non-wired’ workforce. Working with senior leadership included embedding both strategy and employer brand. Within all levels of companies, I have successfully delivered social media strategies, created content for intranet sites, prepared blogs, conference materials and presentations. In doing this, I used many different communication channels such as intranet sites, email, events, video, social media, print, survey analysis.

Why tell you all that? 

Well, because I believe it shows that I work to a high standard, delivering quality services and giving influential advice which could be of great benefit to you and your business.

So, what about now? 

Now, I am a virtual assistant with a professional approach and an eye for detail. I enjoy helping people achieve their goals by ensuring they have the time to focus on the fundamental elements vital to their company’s success and to grow their business. I can ensure that social media sites are kept relevant and timely, improving brand exposure. I can produce and format presentations, create great copy for blogs, write reports, edit documentation. I can find the perfect venue for client meetings or annual events. I can even survey employees to gauge their engagement at work.

Flexible and focused

I love the flexibility I have found by working for myself. I can work early morning or late evening and go for a run at lunchtime – only the cat cares if I crack on with work without having a shower! Apart from running, I like cycling, swimming and Pilates. I also enjoy music and travelling; by being a virtual assistant I can work from just about any location.

Hire me! 

When your paperwork is piling up, you can’t find the words for your social media or blog,  or you need to pull an event together but don’t know where to start, I am here to help. It is so easy to put off doing the jobs you dislike, but, ultimately, they do not disappear. By sharing those burdens with me, you can create a more balanced lifestyle and free up your time to focus on the stuff that matters.

Whether you are self-employed, a small business, an entrepreneur or a sole trader, I can help and will provide you with 100% support and commitment. That is extremely easy, as I am a flexible, diligent virtual assistant and a great communicator, who has the ability to take care of all the elements in your day for which you do not have time.

Virtually Yours – the obvious solution!

For further information, please contact nicola@virtuallyyours.co.uk

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