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Administrative Services


I imagine you would think it was easier to invoice your own clients direct, but that’s not necessarily the case. It depends on how many clients and how many invoices. I can set up a shared database for you to add / edit / amend any client information, so I can contact the client direct. I can also check which invoices have been paid and follow-up with clients on overdue accounts.

Minute Taking

Whatever your requirements for minute taking; whether it’s a local community group, your own small business meetings or you need a professional approach for a board meeting, a freelance minute-taker is vital for independence and clarity.

You can focus on the meeting, its content and outcomes, whilst I focus on the minutes.

Calendar and Email Management

Probably one of the jobs you hate, but one of the jobs I love! Extremely time-consuming when you are looking to expand and market your business, so letting me manage your calendar leaves you free to focus on the stuff that matters.

Email has changed the way we communicate with our clients, friends and family; in fact, all our connections. Where it used to be fresh and novel, it has now become more intrusive with information overload and the pressure to reply. I can help you in a flash by prioritising your emails into a number of categories which could include:

  • Immediate attention
  • Response
  • FYI
  • Ready for archive
  • To be deleted
You can either:
a) Share your email details with me using a password protector, or
b) We can set up Gmail or Outlook to grant access

Documents and Data

With years of experience using Microsoft packages, I can produce and format documents, reports, correspondence, spreadsheets and presentations to support your business and communicate with your customers.

As a business, you may well generate quantities of data which need to be added to a database for future convenience; therefore, you may need someone with a keen eye to accurately input this information and provide summary reports to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Other Tasks

Administration services also include, but are not limited to, event co-ordination, travel arrangements/hotel bookings, online research, editing documents or articles.

Communication Services

If you have a small business with any number of employees, I can provide services which have advantages to you, them and will boost your business. Employee engagement is proven to have real benefits such as employee satisfaction, employee productivity, employee retention and profitability.

It is about connecting your people with your business so they understand (a) where they fit into the business and (b) the goals and vision of the business.

I offer a variety of services which should enable you to move forward into this area. These include:

  • Employee surveys – find out what your employees think and understand about your business
  • Newsletters – a great way of sharing information with employees. I can work with you to either create or edit engaging content. I can also manage newsletter distribution
  • Tactical communication plans - working with the channels you already have and advising on those you do not
  • Strategic communication plans – establishing your long-term objectives, defining and delivering your messages to the right audience at the right time
  • Change communications around initiatives such as benefits or product launches
  • Editing articles and other communications
  • Copywriting


Administrative services are charged at £30 per hour with the exception of minute taking which is £40 per hour.

Communication services are charged between £40 – £50 per hour depending on the service or project.

I work in blocks of 15 minutes and not by the hour, therefore if a particular task takes 15 minutes, that is what you will be charged.

For more regular services, you may wish to consider a retainer which would ensure your work was completed with the hours you need each month.

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